7 C’s To Accelerate Your Progress

Notes from SpeakLove women’s conference

7 C’s To Accelerate Your Progress by Terri Seville Foy

– 1). Commit to think

— With a journal and pen
— Invest at least 5 minutes, consistently

– 2). Clarity

— Decide exactly what you want to accomplish
— Decide what you’re willing to pay to get it

– 3). Confession

— Learn and use the language of success
— Prophesy your future
— Stop speaking what you can’t have or do

– 4). Continual growth

— A way of life
— Secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine

5). Competence

— To be bigger you have to get bigger on the inside
— Life will pay any price you ask of it, you just have to ask.
— Start asking bigger

6). Consistent gratitude

— A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles
— Journal your gratitude

7). Constant giving

— Giving starts the flow of abundance
— Sowing towards your desires plants the seeds of the future

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