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Miss Sisterhood Yuma

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So, to say I’m pretty excited about “Miss Sisterhood Yuma” is a HUGE understatement! I feel like my heart is about to explode with so much joy and passion!

Back in June of this year, Pastor LaCinda and I were in my office just catching up and somehow in the stream line of conversation we begin to say how we wish we could do something for the Jr. High and High School girls of our church and city.

Well at Champion we really don’t sit around wishing and hoping on what we could do….WE ACTUALLY DO IT!

So why “Miss Sisterhood Yuma”?

Young girls are so much more than a cute face with a cute outfit. They have real thoughts, real feelings, and real challenges that differ than any other generation. They are trying to navigate this season of their life and discover who they really are and why they were put here on this earth. One thing I have discovered about this age group is they are HUNGRY to belong and make their life count for something.

We are Sisterhood!

Love, Hannah Tovar xoxo