Champion Sisterhood PM

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Join me for Champion Sisterhood Night this Thursday, June 4th, 2015 at 6:30PM!  We will be having delicious desserts, gorgeous prezzies, amazing friends, and a wonderful night full of fun!

You will have a blast and love every single moment! Childcare will be available for this event (pre-registration required). Make sure you arrive early so you get a good seat! Text a girlfriend you want to come with you!

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Love Uprising Movement!

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The Love Uprising Movement has begun with a huge heart beat of LOVE!!

From the very beginning Champion Church has focused on being the hands, HEART and feet of Jesus and this month we’re shinning a light on it and giving you ways to explode with Gods love to our very hurting world!

The Love Uprising movement is an amazing opportunity for You to;
1. Renew your personal love and commitment to your Savior Jesus Christ.
2. Renew your love and commitment to His House in praying, serving and giving.
3. Be open and ready for God to show
you where and how His love is needed and it’s needed EVERYWHERE!!!

Here’s just a couple things happening for you and your children to be part of:

Over the next several weeks the Love Uprising will be delivering mounds of food to our local Food Bank.
We we’re so honored to have had Mike Ivers from the Yuma Community Food Bank come and thank us for all we do- He shared how on his first day of being at The Food Bank Tim Dunn, the producer of our Pumpkin Patch showed up with tons of pumpkins to bless those who needed them. Tim prayed for him and Mr. Ivers said, “I’ve felt connected to Champion Church from that day forward and I’ve always wanted to thank you for the pumpkins you bring to us each year!”

We’re launching our weekend lunch program for our students at Carver Elementary School who depend on the lunch program for weekday meals and we’ll now provide them with their weekend meals by partnering with the Power Pack Lunch Program.

You can bring in all food items this week- perishables, non perishables, lunch items, hygiene items, and baby diapers (very needed) along with baby food, cereals and wipes.

Be sure to pass out your Love Uprising Movement card to someone this week. It’s SO exciting to hear all that God is doing through you… You are legend status in our eyes, a true Champion to Gods heart… One who STANDS and fights for another!

Uprise on~
We “LOVE” you,
Pastors Stephen & LaCinda xox

Below are photos from 3rd service with Mike Ivers & Pastor Stephen- Such an amazing day in Gods House!


Champion Church Logo

What age did you know?

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What age did you know you would serve serve the Lord and what were the circumstances?

Out of 22 questions that came in recently at our Sisterhood Christmas party, here’s number 6. (I’ll answer more over time) 

My parents were attending a small Church that was very poor and the Pastor had no pulpit. My father offered to build him one and the Church was thrilled. For weeks my dad worked on creating the most beautiful pulpit. He measured his Pastor and built it for his height so his Bible would be perfectly placed to preach from. Read More

Pirates at Champion Church in Yuma, AZ

Halloween at Champion!

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“If we don’t give these kids something to do on a night like Halloween then we’re gonna loose them all to the world, and in the end the devil will win”

My mom (Miss Marilyn) said this at a Church meeting back in the early 70’s.
She was the leader over all the Sunday School’s departments at our Church and asked to
to have a meeting with all the Church leaders who were up against what to do with the “devil’s’ holiday (which happened to be on a Wednesday night and that was Church night.)

Back in those days if you were a Christian you were against the whole Halloween thing and I mean… hatefully against it!
My mom was fully prepared with a plan when the leaders said, “well what can we do?”
She set out a plan.

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I want to Inspire People. I want someone to look at me and say, "Because of you I didn't give up."


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I want to inspire people. I want someone to look at me and say, ‘Because of you, I didn’t give up.’

It was so encouraging to see this Instagram post from @laur3ncraft! I wanted to share it with those who inspire me the most in life… You, the Champion!!

It’s SO important for us to stop and pause, taking a moment to reflect on the BLESSING and INSPIRATION we are in the lives of others. “YOU” ARE A TRUE BLESSING and “YOU” INSPIRE MANY!!!

Today Pastor Stephen and I were out at the Pumpkin Patch and seeing all the orange tee-shirts was an incredible sight. Of course the Champion Volunteers were in full form as they prepared to lead little ones from station to station.

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