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Growing in Abundancy

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If I had to choose a word to label the season we are heading into not only here at Champion Dance School, but Champion Church, it would have to be Abundancy. The new year has brought new ideas, new energy, and new blessings. Coming off the Jesus is Born season there is almost a tangible spirit of unity in the air. Teams are growing stronger and larger. The church as a whole if growing stronger and larger, and Champion Dance School is no different. Last semester was such an incredible learning season. Kassandra and I took on, undoubtedly, our biggest role to date when we became directors of the school and spent last semester on a roller coaster trying to learn how to navigate on our new adventure. But this semester, something is different. We feel much more settled in to our roles, have made it through the churches two biggest outreaches with flying colors, and grew stronger in our faith than ever before.

It was right around the end of Jesus is Born, we began to ask ourselves what would our lives look like over the next 6 months? Were we going to have more students, more teachers, more classes, would there be any abundance? Was there going to be developments in our personal lives? What sort of amazing things did God have in store for the entire church? We couldn’t have began to imagine! The last month has been a whirlwind. Our school is growing bigger every day with four new classes, two new teachers, and several beautiful new ballerinas joining our family. Kassandra became engaged on Christmas Eve and is planning her upcoming wedding. Champion Church is introducing new CORE curriculum to strengthen our growing congregation and bring out the Champion in all of us.

“God will provide rain for the seeds you sow. The grain that grows will be abundant.” Isaiah 30:23. We sow seeds of faith, knowing that nothing goes unnoticed in the Kingdom of God. We give to others, knowing that God will never forget to give back to us when we are ready to receive. I am thankful for the abundant season we have come into and know that we are barely scratching the surface of all that God has in store for Champion Church and Champion Dance School.

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This Is So Much More Than Dance

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What matters? I was asked this question by a ministry leader only a few days ago. My automatic response was Champion Dance School. He proceeded to ask, why does it matter? His questions resurfaced a longing to understand that has burned within me for some time now. After months of searching, I have found the answer.

Six months ago I was working a eight to five desk job and silently asking God “is there more than this?”. Taking a leap of faith, I left my job to follow my heart and boldy chase after the plans and purpose God had for me, even if i wasn’t sure quite what it was. As God’s timing would have it, I ran face first into the opportunity to take over leadership of the dance school and be the new director along with my best friend Kassandra. Talk about a God appointment right? From the moment we have stepped into this role I haven’t been able to shut off one thought that continues to play on repeat in my mind, “Am I truly the right person for this position?”.

The bible talks about the passion David lived with all throughout his life. When the ark of the covenant was being brought to Jerusalem, the bible says “David, wearing a line ephod, danced before the Lord with all his might.” He rejoiced knowing a symbol of God’s presence was being brought to Israel. His wife belittled him, saying it was not right for him to wear linen and dance in the streets, for he was to be a great King, but to him none of these things mattered. David fixed his eyes on God and never looked away, he rejoiced in God and praised him. He is called “the man after God’s own heart”, because he lived for God’s will above his own. David is the greatest King spoken of in the bible, God set him apart, and it wasn’t because he was strong, smart, or brave, it was simply because God saw the true intentions of his heart. David knew what mattered.

Today again I ask myself, “Am I truly the right person for this position?”. The answer is yes, because I have learned what matters. We are not trying to build a dance school full of perfect ballerinas, with perfect turnout, and perfect plies. We are building a school that glorifies God and radiates love. When are dancers walk out of class, our goal is for each and every one of them to feel the love of Jesus shining through each and every one of us. We want parents to feel open and comfortable coming to us with questions, concerns, advice, counsel or prayer. Most of all, we want to create an enviornment where dancers feel they are loved, valued, and anointed by God, with a plan and a purpose to take into the world. And we see it, each time we hear “Miss Kassandra, can I pray?” or “Miss Audri, I love you!”. They are what matters, our ¬†purpose is what matters, our hearts are what matters. This is so much more than dance.¬†


Champion Dance School- An Unexpected Blessing

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“Do what you love, and you will never work a day in your life.”

In these past twelve months, there has been so much change that has occurred- in the church, the dance school and my own life. Thankfully I can say it all was for the better. Although I might not have been so confident in what God was doing at times, the outcome was an answered prayer and a true blessing! Read More