I want to Inspire People. I want someone to look at me and say, "Because of you I didn't give up."


I want to inspire people. I want someone to look at me and say, ‘Because of you, I didn’t give up.’

It was so encouraging to see this Instagram post from @laur3ncraft! I wanted to share it with those who inspire me the most in life… You, the Champion!!

It’s SO important for us to stop and pause, taking a moment to reflect on the BLESSING and INSPIRATION we are in the lives of others. “YOU” ARE A TRUE BLESSING and “YOU” INSPIRE MANY!!!

Today Pastor Stephen and I were out at the Pumpkin Patch and seeing all the orange tee-shirts was an incredible sight. Of course the Champion Volunteers were in full form as they prepared to lead little ones from station to station.

These kids arriving for their field trips were OVERJOYED as they exited their big  yellow buses to experience THE YUMA FAMILY PUMPKIN PATCH! I was with the different team leaders and they were so loving to each child. Just listening to them encouraged my heart.

Our purpose behind the Pumpkin Patch is simple but very significant to provide “fun” for the families of our city. We simply asked God what we could do to BLESS, INSPIRE, AND LOVE our City! We started small and it’s AMAZING what God has done through His Church!

It’s just impossible to mention specific names of all the “Patch Champions”. Everyone from all who produce the amazing “PIRATE SHOW” to the tractor drivers, Kettle Corn poppers, animal keepers (watch out, one of our little piggies loves to escape :)), The heart you have for this house is overwhelming and it inspires so many!

You personally may not be able to participate in The Pumpkin Patch but please know that you showing up EACH SUNDAY, loving, giving, and supporting the vision is just as important to ALL we accomplish to love our city! Because of us ALL together SO MANY HAVE FOUND JESUS and will NEVER GIVE UP!!

There’s SO MANY inspiring stories of God being shared person to person at our Pumpkin Patch. I love all the phone calls coming into the office, the Champion’s stoping by to pick up the many complementary tickets for those who are unable to budget to come (all those who were affected by the furlow are still complementary 🙂 We as a Church family are ALWAYS looking out for and loving others… One the greatest gifts Jesus gave to us was  teaching us how to LOVE EACH OTHER!!

I wanted to stop and pause, and let you know, that no matter what part you are in this AMAZING CHURCH… “You Inspire people, they look to you and say “BECAUSE OF YOU I NEVER GAVE UP.”

“I thank my God everytime I remember you” Phillipians 1:3

Be sure to share this with every Champion you can! 🙂

Pastor Stephen and I always hold you in our hearts!


LaCinda xox



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