The Champion Dream Team makes Church possible.

We do everything from serving coffee for those coming to church, to going into our City and making a difference there.

We are so excited for you to take the next step in joining the Champion Dream Team, and learn what it means to be surrounded by people with a vision to see the cause of Christ go further than ever before. As we work together to build the Kingdom of God, you will be filled with passion to live out a life of purpose.

These are the steps to the Champion Dream Team:

The Champion Growth Track.  We have CORE training that happens monthly. CORE consists of 4 classes designed to help you grow in your Christian faith and learn how to become a fully devoted Champion for Christ.

Getting to know the heart of Champion Church, what we stand for, and how we do things

Developing the four basic habits that produce spiritual maturity and strength in your life

Discovering how your are designed in order to fulfill your God-givien destiny, and learning your creative expression

Learning to make a difference in the lives of others. At Champion Church, the Dream Team is the community where that happens

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