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The word tithe simply means 10%, or giving back to God the first tenth of your income.  It is one the key indicators of being a true follower and Champion of Jesus Christ.  Along with Prayer, Worship, Meditating on the Word of God, and Serving, Tithing is a foundational habit of a spiritually mature person.  The Bible tells us to not just be hearers of the Word, but doers of the Word, or we are deceiving ourselves.

Is Jesus the Lord of your life?

When we say we want Jesus to be the Lord of our life, it means our whole life – our time, our relationships, and our money.  If He isn’t Lord in those areas, He isn’t Lord at all in your life.  This doesn’t mean you’re not a believer in Jesus as your Savior, it means you’re not fully submitted to Him, and you aren’t experiencing all He has for you!  You can start now by making Jesus the Lord over your time, your relationships, and your money.

Kingdom Builders

Kingdom Builders fund and resource the local church’s expansion and outreach beyond the tithe, in a substantial way.

Every believer is commissioned to serve the body of Christ, and while Kingdom Builders may not have the time to volunteer regularly, their calling is to serve in a way that others cannot, through finances.

A Kingdom Builder believes that God’s house should have no debt, and no financial reasons to not fulfill its mission of taking the gospel to every heart, every street, every town, and everywhere that its vision can take it for Jesus!  Kingdom Builders lead in generosity and inspired giving in the church and are Champions of the cause of Christ in the earth.

It’s been said, “there are no cheap seats in heaven” because it takes the combined strength and sacrifice of everyone in the church to fulfill the vision.  When we are all working together, the power of God is at work in us, seeking and saving the lost, driving back the forces of darkness, and taking ground for heaven. 

Manage My Giving

Signing up for online giving enables you to view your giving history, print giving statements, create and edit scheduled giving series (such as a recurring tithe), and manage your method of giving. It’s easy to sign up, it saves the church processing time and money, and your information is kept confidential and secure. You can sign-up or sign-in below.

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