Ways To Give At Champion

Secure Giving – through your bank card or account

Simply click the button below, login or register, and choose your giving preferences.  This method of giving is linked directly to your Champion Church Profileand allows you to give to multiple funds at once.  It’s easy and secure.
If you’ve been giving online for a while, this is the method you have been using, and can continue to use if you’d like to.


Text Tithing – through your phone; anywhere, anytime

Like the Smart Giving above, this way of giving is safe and easy, and done as a TEXT MESSAGE from your phone.  Watch this quick video:

Smart Giving – through your mobile phone number

You can also give online using your mobile phone number.  This method is quicker, and is integrated with your Champion Church Profile.  Both ways of giving are included on your annual giving report and are safe and secure.
(This type of giving does not show up on your phone bill, it accesses your attached account directly)


Traditional Giving – In person or through the mail

If you prefer to use cash or a check, writingcheckyou can drop it in the basket at church during one of our worship experiences, or mail it to:  3625 S Avenue 5 E, Yuma, AZ, 85365