We are so excited to have your Super Hero

in Training join us for

KidsCon 2018 – BEYOND SUPER!

Here is some information to prepare your Hero for the BEST KIDS CONFERENCE EVER!!!


Registration also open at the door and check in starts at 6pm.

Super Hero registration begins at 6PM nightly.

Heroes in Training are called into prompt action at 6:30 each night!

Parents, please check your Super Heroes in each night at the registration counter (we can not accept drop offs or unregistered contestants).

Your Heroes quests end at 8:45 each night.

Parents are encouraged to join us at 8:15 each night to see what your young Heroes in Training have been learning and are challenged to do for the next day.

The Heroes will have a Super Boy verses Super Girl offering challenge each night with the winning team to be announced at the end of the evening on the 14th.

Super Heroes earn chances to win Super Prizes and Champion Kids Bucks by attending each night, participation, and bringing the most first time visitors.

If you have questions, call us at 928-783-7574


We will be learning about our SUPER GOD and His Super Plans for US!

Please review this with your Heroes in Training so they can share all of the amazing things that they have learned with you!

DAY 1You’ve Got Talents!

  • God has given each of us special talents
  •  Jesus loves us and has chosen us
  • Jesus NEVER leaves us

Scripture Reference

1 Peter 4:10-11


Talent Belt


I Am Called!

  • What am I good at
  • God has a plan for me
  • Jesus is the ultimate Super Hero

Scripture Reference

Ephesians 2:10


Vision Mask


Beyond Super!

  • My super power
  • Nothing can separate me from God
  • How can I help others

Scripture Reference

1 Corinthians 10:31


Power Cape