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The Sweetest Moments – Father Daughter Dance

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A Beautiful Tradition

Today marks exactly seven days until the father daughter dance, and I can’t tell you how excited I am…

I’m sure you have heard that Champion Dance School is hosting this event; that itself is reason enough to be excited for! As the director of CDS I absolutely can’t wait to see our students, the girls of Champion Church, and even those coming from the city  dancing all night long and enjoying a beautiful evening with their daddies in an event that Champion Dance School has put on itself. This feels to me like a mini Glorified!

But the real reason I am most excited? I can’t wait to dance with my own daddy.

Father Daughter dances have been a tradition with my dad and I since my Daisy Girl Scout days and those are honestly some of my favorite memories. I can clearly remember when my dad would take me and my sister Eden to the Christmas dance ever year. We wold get dressed up in our cute dresses and he would take us to a fancy dinner before the dance. I’ll never forget the time we were seated eating our dinner at the restaurant and a lovely older couple came up to us and told my dad how lucky he was to be on a date with two beautiful girls, and then how he told them that he was headed to the ball with his princesses. From that moment forward I have always loved going to any father daughter dance, and its no different that Champion’s last father daughter dance! You bet I was there!


This will be the second father daughter dance Champion Church will have held and I hope with all my heart that it will be as amazing as the last one, because at that dance I made some of the most beautiful memories with my father.


At the last dance there was an activity for both fathers and daughters to do before dinner. The fathers wrote a message in a box to their daughters and the daughters made a cupcake for their daddies and themselves to enjoy as a dessert before dinner. My sister and I enjoyed decking our cupcakes out in sprinkles and icing and sharing our cupcake designs with all the other daughters. Oh how much fun we had! And at the other station the daddies wrote heartfelt letters to their princesses. When my dad gave our letter boxes to my sister and I, he specifically told us to not open it until our wedding days.

It has been 20 days since my wedding day now; 20 days since reading through my tears the beautiful letter my daddy wrote me years ago. I can’t describe in words how beautiful that moment was with my father. And now as a married woman I still feel like I am 5 years old waiting for my dad to take me to the dance again! I know that this year’s dance will be that much more special to my dad and I. Just the other days he joked with my husband that now he has to ask him for permission to take me to the dance! Haha!

Trust me, I already have my dress picked out and I’m counting down the days! I hope that you will attend and I pray that you will be able to create a precious memory with your dad or your daughter (Just like a did!) on our special candy themed night of sweet moments. See you there!


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What is Your Number?

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What is your Number?

My First Blog


Someone” gave me a number”. Not exactly sure what it means but the best I can figure it means I have to share 10 random things about myself.  I asked my sixteen year old what it means and she said, ” I have no idea. Facebook is for old people. Everybody does snap chat now.” Whatever that is.


One of those “old” Facebook friends of mine suggested that we should all share random things about ourselves because it would help us all get to know each other better. Great idea!  So here is my top 10.


  1. I do not have a receding hairline. My hair has always covered the same area.  I just have less of it than I use to.
  2. I get really irritated when people doubt God’s willingness and eagerness to heal us. They say things like, “..heal me Father…if it’s your will.” Believe it!  And then leave the how and when to God.  But believe it with every fiber of your being.
  3. I was a Royal Cadet, the Jr. Chapter of the Canadian Army in Canada.  It is a lot like the Boy Scouts but with a ROTC kind of discipline.
  4. When I get involved in a project I get really pumped about it because I can see the ultimate goal so clearly. It’s just a matter of knocking out the steps in between one at a time until it is done.
  5. I grew up in the big city of Vancouver, BC. Being a city kid, my favorite thing to do after school was to go to the arcades. Now, as an adult, I play Ikarim to unwind. That is the only game I play now.  I don’t bother playing Play Station because it isn’t fun losing to a 14 year old all the time.
  6. I am amazed that it is November and I am still wearing shorts. It’s crazy. It’s awesome. I will never get tired of that…or will I?  I hope not.
  7. Every night before I went to bed my mom and I would say to each other, “Goodnight. Love you. See you in the morning.” I couldn’t go to sleep unless we said it to each other. Shirlee and I have said it each night of our 19 year marriage. It is sure hard to go to bed mad or offended saying that.  More than once we have stayed up till the early hours of the morning working things out so we could say that and mean it.
  8. When I was about 14 I got stuck in a chain link fence while playing football.  I caught the ball and started running.  Everybody was looking at me funny and I couldn’t understand why. I guess I had blood all over me.  It didn’t phase me because I had and still have a very high threshold for pain.
  9. I hardly ever watch just TV I have to have three other things going on. I watch TV, listen to live stream sermons of podcast and do my online class all at the same time. It drives my wife crazy but It works for me. Oh, I DO NOT watch commercials. I use that time to watch other tv shows.
  10. I have been in poverty growing up but God always gave us food and clothes to wear.  I have suffered devastating disappointments but God worked it out better than it could have ever been the first way. People have let me down, but God has always been there and never failed me, God has always kept his promises. God has always brought people into my life who have loved and encouraged. I am incredibly blessed to be apart of the Champion family, working under two of the greatest pastors in the world!


Champions! I’m giving you a number.  Your number is 3.  Yes, it’s a small number but It’s a start.  Share three things about yourself with someone else this week.  Get to know each other. Let’s do life together! I’m so thankful for each and everyone at Champion church we are so blessed to be a part of a incredible family and look forward to see the great things that God has in store for all of us. We have only lived in Yuma for about 5 months how and it feels so much like home. We truly have come home to a great family.