Women’s Ministry

We value women, and we believe in their huge potential to make the world a better place.  Champion Women encourages, inspires change, and releases the best in you to accomplish your destiny.

Men’s Ministry

Built Strong. We believe that the Men of the Church are one of the most crucial parts of what makes Church happen. When we build strong men, we build strong families. We value the men and the hard work they put into making Champion happen. Champion Men meet monthly at Champion for a night of BBQ ribs, hobbies, music, and a powerful message by Pastor Stephen. Check out the next one by Liking us on Facebook.

‘The Stand’ Youth Ministry

The Stand is Champion’s Youth Ministry. A Champion is defined as ‘One who Stands and Fights for another’ and we live out taking a Stand for God and who He is. If you’re in Jr. high or High school, check out The Stand.

Champion Kids Studio

We value the next generation! We believe that our kids are the future, Champion Kids Studio is designed to be an engaging environment for learning about God and the Bible, and a great place for making lots of friends! We look forward to seeing you and your kids this Sunday!

If you have any questions regarding Champions Kids Studio, Reach our Children’s Pastor here.

Champion Worship

Champion Church has a heart for Worship. We have a fantastic Worship team that puts 110% into creating a genuine Worship experience. Our heart is that you are able to Worship God without any distraction of any kind. We are always looking for gifted people who are interested in joining the Worship team. If that’s you, then Click Here! The music style at Champion is a contemporary style of Worship that has a similar sound such as artists like Hillsong. We hope you are truly blessed by the Worship at Champion.