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Raising up the next generation of leaders……GREAT RESPONSIBILITY and a GREAT REWARD!

Our lead Pastor, Pastor Stephen Bloomfield, has been teaching our church a series titled “Paving the Way”. Which OF COURSE has got my wheels spinning on how we, as pastors, leaders, parents, and mentors pave the way to raise up leaders in our world that would impact generation after generation. We as a church have a history of raising up generational leaders. Those who have gone before us and paved the way for me and you, those who have generously sown financial seeds, and faithful ones who serve week in and week out. I am forever grateful for the pastors and leaders who have paved the way for me so I can be the leader I need to be in this generation. However, I am constantly reminded to not dwell on the past but press on to see the Glory of God permeate across the earth in greater ways throughout every generation (Psalm 145). So its my turn to begin paving the way for the generation behind me so they can be the leaders they need to be. This is a journey I am STILL very much on and one I have to navigate day-by-day, but here is what I am have learned so far…

1. POINT THEM TO JESUS. My greatest responsibility is to always point people to Jesus. To create an atmosphere that is both relevant and accessible to this generation that makes Jesus attractive.

2. TEACH THEM EXCELLENCE. Not the easy way out or a shortcut, but the most excellent way. Not excellence to please others but excellence fuled from a heart that CARES so God’s House is given the finest attention possible.

3. ALLOW THEM TO MAKE MISTAKES. One of the biggest ways I learn is from my mistakes. And I have made COUNTLESS and will continue to make them. I have gone through seasons with my ministries where I have placed unrealistic expectations on them because I want everything to be picture perfect; which has only pushed them away from me rather than draw them near. So I have learned that in order to raise up generational leaders, whatever that my look like in your world right now, I have to let go and let them learn for themsleves… and give them the same grace that I am given.


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