Friday Night, July 28th:

6:00PM Hangtime and Registration

6:30PM Doors Open

9:30PM Finish & Food!

Saturday Night, July 29th:

6:00PM Hangtime and Check In

6:30PM Doors Open

9:30PM Finish & Food

Sunday Night, July 30th:

5:30PM Hangtime
6:00PM Doors Open

8:45PM Youth Baptisms

9:15PM Food!

What To Bring

Swim Wear

This includes a Towel, Sunscreen, and anything else to get dirty in. Take care, StandCon gets Crazy!

Bring A Friend

We hold a One-For-One deal every year to bring an Un-Churched Friend to StandCon. Bring a friend! It’s on us.

Bible & Notebook

We encourage you to bring a Bible and notebook. StandCon is a time for you to grow in God so take notes!