Our goal at Champion is that your life is growing in God and growing in relationship with people. We are so excited that you take the next step in joining a Connect Group and learn what it means to be surrounded by people who care about you and will stand with you as you walk out God’s plan for your life. Please take a look at the table below to be matched up with an awesome Connect Group.

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A life Changed.

I love the connect group I am in. Me and my wife love being surrounded by Godly people that see the best in us. It has changed our marriage and our relationship with God. Being able to learn more about the word as well as have such great friends has made such a difference in our lives.


I was looking for somewhere to fit in, I had a hard time with this at other Churches I had been to. When I got plugged in to my connect group, I found friends I never thought I would have in my life. I love being apart of my group. It's really amazing.


We attend a seniors Connect Group at Champion, and we love it. We get to fellowship with others our age and get a real look at the Bible and get to dive in to what it really means. I highly suggest getting involved! And the food is always great, too.


Things were really hard on our family before coming to Church. When we found Champion, it was like God put the blocks back together. When we got involved in our Connect Group, We were so encouraged to have great people that God placed in our life. We thank God everyday for where HE has us.


I'm a college student and needed to get into a positive environment. I found a Connect Group and I have a group of awesome friends I hang out with almost daily, as well as an amazing girlfriend. God is good.