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“If we don’t give these kids something to do on a night like Halloween then we’re gonna loose them all to the world, and in the end the devil will win”

My mom (Miss Marilyn) said this at a Church meeting back in the early 70’s.
She was the leader over all the Sunday School’s departments at our Church and asked to
to have a meeting with all the Church leaders who were up against what to do with the “devil’s’ holiday (which happened to be on a Wednesday night and that was Church night.)

Back in those days if you were a Christian you were against the whole Halloween thing and I mean… hatefully against it!
My mom was fully prepared with a plan when the leaders said, “well what can we do?”
She set out a plan.

In order to lead the Church into understanding they chose a Sunday to talk about Halloween and why behind the plan.
She titled it the party the “THE HALLELUJAH PARTY” and almost everyone “got it.”

All us kids dressed up in total excitement!!
It was so good to be able to be REAL going to Church just like we had been all day at school with the costumes and Halloween party’s.
I could not imagine having to take off my costume, washing the pretty make up off my face to have to go to church!

In total shock to me my little neighbor friends showed up dressed like some kind of horror show gone bad, my mom said, “wow you kids went all out, lets go have fun.”
She loaded us into our old station wagon, as she did every time we left for Church and off we went to Gods House.
She was smart and had fully prepared all the teachers that no matter HOW the kids showed up to the party they were to “LOVE” each child with the love of God (as my mom always stated!)
It was a blast!! I was dressed like a bride and I remember playing games, learning a “scary story” about Jesus walking on the water as his disciples thought he was a ghost!
We all left with SO much candy! It was amazing!
I gotta tell you that was the CUTTING EDGE STUFF back then.
I fully believe she started the sweep of parties and changed mindsets that swept through the Church world back then.
The the size and the location of our Church in southern California gave us many haters and also many lovers! My mom actually had calls from all around the country about what all we did.
She had connections to a huge conservative group who she had to challenge (in a loving productive way) on several issues that navigated the future of children into the next generation.
She went ups against a lot of religious nonsense (not just about Halloween, but about hem lines for cheerleaders, hair cuts on guys and soooo much more)

Some of the he BIGGEST things I learned from Miss Marilyn’s heart for the Church that transcends down to us now in our day is:

  • USE EVERY OPPORTUNITY to promote the message of Jesus Christ!
  • NEVER SUPPRESS joy, freedom or fun under the heavy false vail of religion!
  • ALWAYS LOVE everyone right where they’re at and gently start lifting them higher!

So this Halloween at Champion in 2013 it’s “TRUNKS N TREATS” to show our city love. Oh, how I wish I could “Preach to each of them” I wish I could give them Salvation right then and there, but It’s an our oppur open door, as so many ask me, “why do you do this for us”? Well… since you ask… “because we love you and we want you to know Champion Church is always here for you”
These are the most exciting days!!
Let’s LOVE our City on Halloween!!

You’re The Best,


LaCinda Bloomfield

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  • Stetson Bloomfield says:

    Wow I love this so much! Grandma Marilyn was a woman ahead of her time! Champion Church is rock this Halloween!!!

  • Wanda Broom says:

    Ms. Marilyn was a very wise lady. Meet the people where they at, not because of what they do or do not have. Loving people regardless of the past will change their future. Its exciting to be part of a change in someones life. I love love outreach,; planting that seed and then just watching it grow and develop in that beautiful and amazing person that God planned all along.
    I cant wait for tonight, sharing the gospel with a smile, a piece of candy and a costume. Oh Yeah!!!

  • Kassandra Argueta says:

    So wish I could have met Ms. Marilyn! What a remarkable, wise woman!

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