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William Randolph Hearst

William Randolph Hearst – Paved The Way for Billy Graham

We stand on the shoulders of giants, who have paved the way, and made God-sized dreams possible. 

I am so motivated to expand the kingdom of God and take new ground when I think about people like Billy Graham (Video: Billy Graham Paved The Way).  God put William Randolph Hearst  in one of Billy’s early meetings in Los Angeles, and being touched by the message, Mr Hearst who was the leading newspaper mogul in the country, decided to promote Billy Graham through his newspaper.  By the end of that crusade, 350,000 people had attended which was an unprecedented number in the 1950’s.  Over the past 60 yrs, Billy has faithfully paved the way to salvation for millions of people worldwide.  But he didn’t do it alone.  It took many people like William Hearst to fund, promote, and back the vision that was unfolding for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Ass.

Another great visionary was Chuck Smith who started the Calvary Chapel movement.  He paved the way for the “bare-foot” long haired, hippies of the 60’s to find Jesus.  When most frowned on letting people like that into the church, Chuck took the church to them.  He led a movement that witnessed to thousands on the beaches of Southern California.  He brought them into God’s house by the hundreds, and he made the church relevant to them, exchanging pews for folding chairs, and hymns for folksongs.

Chuck Smith had a vision, and God sent faithful people who paved the way for that vision to happen.

The exciting thing is that Chuck didn’t start out to change the culture of the American church (which he did), or plant thousands of churches around the world.  He started out wanting to reach people for Jesus, to reach his city with the gospel, and to make a difference in the lives of as many people as possible… and of course, God used him and many special people to do much more than that.

The list goes on of world changers who have stuck to a simple vision, often blazing a trail that seemed impossible to others, and believed God to inspire those who would pave the way for the vision to come to pass.  Today, Champion Church has the same challenge.  Our simple vision is to reach the people of our city with the unconditional love of God and turn them into the Champions they were created to be, setting them free from bondage, destructive mindsets, and hopeless futures.

People lining up for the 4th baptism pool

People lining up for the 4th baptism pool

Over the past 120 months (10 yrs), we have been blessed with special people that God has sent who have paved the way for thousands to receive Christ, be baptized, have their families restored, their hope renewed, and their futures secured.  These special kingdom builders have supported and funded the vision through their prayers, their time, their talents, and their God-given resources.  And now, looking forward, the vision is getting bigger and God is once again laying it on the hearts of many wonderful Champions to pave the way for what is yet to come.  Through our annual Christmas Miracle Offering 2013, we are standing together in faith for the funds to double our parking lot by spring 2014, and make way for the thousands more God will intrust to us.

Inspired by the world changers who have gone before us, we will do this together in Jesus’ name!


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