Anger Stinks EBook


If you or someone you know deals with anger, you will without a doubt benefit from the message of Anger Stinks. Pastor Stephen takes a down to earth and easy to understand look at to the “hard-to-talk-about” topic of anger. No elephants in the room anymore! In a matter of seven days, you’ll find your sense of understanding has grown and your capacity for walking through situations that would normally upset and frustrate you has become easier to deal with. You will love Anger Stinks! Get your copy today!



Did you enjoy Pastor Stephen’s message series, “Anger Stinks”? Well Sunday morning’s message is just the beginning as Pastor Stephen Bloomfield wants to offer you a FREE copy of his new eBook, “Anger Stinks.” Download it by clicking the button below! You’ll find both a .PDF and a .EPUB (iBooks/Kindle/eReader) are available, so you are able to comfortably read Anger Stinks in the format that works best for you! Get it NOW!

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