Discover Your Creative Expression

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“Discover Your Creative Expression” by Pastor LaCinda Bloomfield. Get this inspiring book and change your life today!

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Discover Your Creative Expression will open your eyes to a God-given destiny that you can begin to live out immediately. You will learn how you were uniquely created to be the expression of God. From childhood, you have had specific traits and characteristics that, when seen in the light of your God-given Creative Expression, can be developed to bring you and those around you great rewards.

A Creative Expression Self-Discovery Test is included to help you identify your top three expressions, and give you valuable insight into your spouse, your children, your family members, friends, and co-workers, and of course, yourself!

Discover Your Creative Expression can be enjoyed alone, or used as a study guide for families, churches, groups, or teams of any kind. Knowing the Creative Expressions of the people around you can be a powerful tool to create synergy, greater effectiveness, unity and teamwork.

2 reviews for Discover Your Creative Expression

  1. Sterling

    I loved this book!

  2. Wanda Broom

    Got it, love it!!

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