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Using your social influence for Jesus.

I remember reading a while back that the United States became a leader in the global economy during the 1900’s because it capitalized on cross-country commerce and communication through the transcontinental railroad. It was the information superhighway of it’s day.

Zip forward to today and the same concepts are at play. Countries that are looking for an advantage in our changing world are placing a priority on the internet. It’s today’s way to communicate and do business online. Virtually everyone I know has a smartphone with the internet built in. Statistically I know they will spend a double-digit amount of time online on any given day. I think it’s a safe assumption that a high percentage of that time will be spent on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. People spend their time on Social media. It’s the most communication oriented thing to do online.

This all may seem really irrelevant to Jesus, but trust me, it isn’t.

Jesus, the Master of Social Influence

Jesus used his social influence by amplifying his voice from the water

Jesus teaching from a boat

Jesus was an effective communicator.  He used what he had to magnify his message of Hope to the world. Even though global communication wasn’t a concept during his time, he used what he had to be a social influence to his world. When Jesus needed to address a large crowd, he used a boat so his voice would be amplified by the water.

He also sent his followers out to spread the word in every city and house that would receive them.  He sent them to the market places, the holy places, the common places, and the prisons, to create a viral network of believers that would eventually spread to the entire known world.

The Entire World Has Come To Us!

Los Angeles just announced that it is going to provide free wifi to the whole city. Other cities will follow.  Our world is at our fingertips literally.  We buy and sell online, we socialize online, we communicate online, we speak our mind online, we share our pictures and videos ONLINE.  And now, we can share our FAITH online.  I wonder if you realize the influence you have through social media?  Facebook and other sites actually pay some people to be online because they have so many followers.

You have friends, family, acquaintances, associations, etc, that all connect to you through social media, and they all have the same thing!  If you’ve ever felt insignificant, you are definitely not online.  You are very important and your social influence is felt.  What you say matters, what you post matters, even where you shop and what your interests are have an impact on the rest of us.  That is why we have to recognize the importance of letting the online world know that we’ve been to Champion Church by checking-in on Facebook.

Using your social influence online to share your faith

Facebook Checkin at Champion Church

Romans 1:16 says, “For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes…”

When you let it be known that you have come to church to you are influencing many people and making a real difference for the kingdom of God.  Jesus told us to go into all the world and preach the gospel, but it turns out, the world has come to us!  So, next time you’re at church, remember to check-in.  You never know what doors your transparency about your faith will open with your friends.

“Success in any setting come from our ability to communicate.”


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